Pro Amino International

2013 marked our 25th anniversary as the leader in the dietary nutrition field and we are very proud!

Pro-Amino has helped tens of thousands reach their weight loss objectives and to maintain their goal weight.  Thanks to the vast delicious and nutritionally balanced dietary product line that is compatible with all life styles.  And it far from over:  every day, we gain strength worldwide!

The water has flowed under many bridges since our start back in 1988 when we had our very modest factory of 325 square meters…..Since then, we have seen a rapid growth and now enjoy a new factory of 5 600 square meters that includes fully furnished research and testing laboratories .  Having everything under one roof allows us to have better control and quality!  Here’s how be proceed in guaranteeing quality products.  “To know where we are going we must know where we came from” With this philosophy, we invite you, our clients, to take this nostalgic trip to the heart of Pro-Amino…

Everything started in the middle of the 70s.  My father was a prominent nutritional doctor that worked more than 50 years in Montreal (Canada).  During his career he trained more than 2000 doctors worldwide and he taught them the benefits of having a diet rich in proteins for their patients in weight loss programs.  He often spoke to me about the frustrations faced with the lack of prepared dietary products in order to obtain your goal.  It’s his nutritional advice combined with consuming healthy prepared dietary products that permitted his patients to significantly improve their nutritional balance and reach their weightless goals.  However, seeing as there was only protein shakes and puddings available on the market it was often difficult to eat what was necessary and to adapt this to your daily life style.  How many chocolate, vanilla or even strawberry shakes can any one person have before having enough and just giving up?

Nutrition is part of our lives, including people on diets.  It’s present in nearly all aspects of our lives.  We eat almost all day long, every day, everywhere:  we eat at work, at home, on vacation, at school, at the gym and when we visit family and friends and even sometimes in between.

It’s not surprising that a real need has arisen to increase the variety of healthy dietary products seeing as more and more people are interested in not only losing weight but also in maintaining this loss.  Have you ever lost a lot of weight because you sacrificed your favorite foods only to gain it all back because you didn’t have a solid plan to help you maintain?

Pro-Amino was born in 1988.  Our mission was to put on the market a solid formula that was tested in laboratory and that would allow the elaboration of nutritional weight loss products as meals and fast foods while tasting good.  We have worked with professionals in this industry;  people of confidence, qualified and possessing years of experience and we have never lost sight of our objective:  making the maintenance of weight loss easier for the people wanting to reach their goals.

With our line of products having a wider variety then just shakes and puddings, we pierced the Canadian market faster and thanks to the word of mouth, the number of satisfied clients keeps on growing (it’s the best publicity!).  When people realized that a protein rich diet accompanied by exercise was the best way to lose weight and to maintain your goal, Pro-Amino really took off.

We took our message to Europe.  We started in France, where we were well received.  Our client base increased by greeting doctors and clinicians both using our products with patients seeking a brand that offered a variety of healthy prepared products that helped with weight loss.

We established ourselves through Europe and shortly after we arrived in the American market.  In 1992 we were part of the ASBP Colorado Trade Show.  The ASBP convention (American Society of bariatrics) presents numerous innovations important to the obesity field and this was the place we needed to be in order to mingle with the people in this field.  It’s was understood that if we wanted everyone to believe in our products they would need to taste them:  we sent hundreds of samples by courier to all that had subscribed to receive them.  The response that we received was incredible and we did not regret our choices!

The moral of the story?  If the consumers want quality, taste and a variety in nutritional weight loss products and if we give them that, they will remain loyal to these products!

We are truly proud of what we have accomplished.  We offer not only a broad variety line of product that corresponds to everyone’s life style but we do it with affordable prices and without sacrifice to quality and taste.  Isn’t this an astonishing formula?

Abandon the shakes and puddings and make room for a new line of dietary products offered by Pro-Amino International Inc.  Soups, cereal bars, chips, drinks, you will surely find your hearts content.

  • Dessert? What do you think of muffins, cookies, waffles, soya nuts that we are offering?
  • Breakfast?  Sit down and try our omelet, crepes or a bowl of Pro-Amino oatmeal rich in proteins!
  • You want to have supper without putting your diet at risk?  You can take spaghettis, chili or even (yes, you guessed right!) a pizza a la mode Pro-Amino!

Is your mouth watering?  That’s what we were hoping!  We are proud to have introduced our delicious and diverse menu of healthy and dietary foods that come right from our kitchen for 25 years.  It’s far from over!

Our success is due to our team’s hard work that consists of dedicated people, passionate about health issues and reunited to spread our vision to the world.  I wish to thank each and every one of them personally and would also like to thank our clients for their loyalty during all these years.

Once upon a time (at the beginning of Pro-Amino) when I was responsible for all the services myself!  That century was a challenge, I had to take the orders, send the products, receive deliveries and take care of the customers…..and all other related tasks.  I was elated when Nicole Hupé joined me.  Nicole was motivated from the start and always did what was necessary to ensure everything worked.  She sometimes even ironed my shirts to help make me presentable when I met with clients, before returning to the laboratory to put on my lab coat and test the products!  I smile when remembering the tornado of activities from those days.  Another member of the team, Marielle Asselin, joined us early on in the adventures of Pro-Amino and has been with us for 22 years.  You see: our success is due to the quality of our team that offers the public a quality line of products.  And it’s not about to change.  Thank you,

Let’s raise our glasses (of pink lemonade from Pro-Amino) and drink to another 25 years of healthy nutrition.


Jean Bourassa
President and Company director