The After Diet

You have reached your ideal weight and are proud of your new silhouette? Congrats! You have worked hard.

But……it’s not finished: now you need to adopt new nutritional habits – for life.

Thanks to ProtiDiet, your attitude towards food has changed:  food is now your friend.  You must now learn to maintain the healthy and efficient lifestyle by adopting new eating habits.  Discover your allies in this new task;

  • Meat and grilled fish
  • Sautéed or steamed vegetables, with  olive oil and fine herbs
  • Whole Bread (in small quantities)
  • Water (1,5 liters per day)
  • Sugar free products
  • 1 Packet of ProtiDiet a day

We should never forget that straying is part of life’s small pleasures.  If such a situation should arise, eliminate the excess by following the weekend menu for one of two days.  If you respect this habit it will allow you to preserve your new silhouette while endulging in the pleasures of a good meal.  Good Luck to you!


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