The Method Explained

The high protein diet is a weight loss plan based on rigorous scientific research.

This revolutionary protein based loss program allows for a fast slimming process without the loss of muscle mass.

From the fruits of his labor, George L. Blackburn, (professor at the school of medicine of Harvard College), the protein diet saw the light of day in the 70’s. During his studies of the chemical, metabolic and psychological effects in youth, this eminent professor determined that our organism, while being deprived of nutrition, drains the energy needed for functioning from our body muscles and not the body fat. The loss of weight is then a result from muscle mass loss and not fat loss which is highly dangerous for your health.

Professor Blackburn also discovered that proteins have the unique characteristic to protect muscle mass. In result when we lower the fat and sugar contents and consume a precise dose of protein, the organism that produces the necessary energy for its proper functionality, reacts and transforms fat to calories. Result: fat melts and muscle is protected.

It’s this fundamental fact that is the origin of the hyper protein diet, known today as the best result for fast weight loss without putting your health at risk.


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